IME is a full-service metal recycling management company capable of processing any and all types of scrap metal. Our facilities are well equipped to recycle scrap machinery, product manufacturing scrap, warehouse and facility shutdowns, factory site closures, and many other types of scrap metal material.

With our transportation fleet of flatbeds, van trailers, roll-off boxes, luggers, and open-top gondolas, IME can handle any scrap metal recycling project.

Loader & Transportation Services

We don’t expect our customers to always have the necessary equipment on-site to load their scrap metal. IME can provide a variety of loading equipment depending on our customer’s needs and the amount of material.

IME also has a range of transportation vehicles to haul away material. We efficiently load up and go, leaving our customers with a clear area to reset recycling process or utilize the site for something new.

Scrap Metal Pickup

There’s no need for you to haul your material to our facility. We offer reliable and efficient scrap metal pick-up services so you can focus your time on more important matters. Whether you need a one-time pick-up or routine pick-ups, you can schedule a scrap pick-up today.

What We Recycle

IME recycles a large range of ferrous, non-ferrous, alloy, and precious metals. From metal punchings to twenty-ton machines, we buy scrap metal of all sizes in various conditions.